Supply Chain Management

    supply-chain-2.jpg  Supply Chain Management

Equipment and material supply is the lifeblood of any project. Having a predictable and dependable supply chain can drastically improve project performance and profitability, the accuracy of forecasting schedule and budget and is one of the key leading indicators of overall project success. 5RMK supply chain managers bring successes in supplying major projects in some of the most remote regions under the most severe political, security and logistically difficult situations in our industry today. These successes provide them with some unique qualifications to assess:

  • Client’s procurement practices – Pre-qualification screening, solicitation and award process as well as risk transfer provisions
  • Transportation and logistics network – source inspections, freight forwarding networks, in-country agents facilitating duty and import processes, in-country logistics

5RMK Manager’s Supply Chain Experience:

  • ExxonMobil – Santa Barbara California, Sakhalin Island, Russia – Portete and the Guajera Region of Colombia
  • US Army Corps Engineers & USAID – Iraq Reconstruction
  • USAID Egypt Water and Waste Water Programs – Cairo, Port Said, Luxor and Aswan
  • USAID Mongolian Energy Sector Project – Mongolia & Russia
  • U.S. Army Corps Engineers Pacer Forge Program – Engineering, Construction and Maintenance at 19 Egyptian Air Bases from Alexandria to Aswan