Organization Assessment

organization-assessment-2.jpgOne of the most difficult decisions facing client/owners or their contractors today is the objective assessment of the organization managing a troubled project or start-up. Utilizing the services of an outside firm with relevant project management and organizational skills provides an objective and un-biased assessment independent of existing relationships. 5RMK’s systematic, pragmatic approach to this analysis includes:

  • Review of contract scope and the respective functional structure of the 5RMK client’s organization formed to execute discreet elements of the project’s scope
  • Interview and analysis of individual senior managers to assess experience relevance, leadership skills, individual “fit” to the organizational function, commitment to meeting (or exceeding) safety and quality standards as well as their commitment to meeting their client’s objectives

Management Organizational Assessment Experience:

  • Hanford River Corridor Project – Hanford Nuclear Reservation – Richland, Washington
  • E-470 Highway BOT Project – Denver, Colorado
  • Oersund Crossing – Denmark
  • Vertac Chemical Incineration Project – Arkansas
  • Aswan Regional Water/Waste Water Project – Egypt
  • San Roque Dam – Philippines
  • EAA Reservoir A-1 Comprehensive Everglades Restoration Plan – South Florida Management District