Peter W. Miller

Executive Program Manager

Mr. Miller has more than 36 years of diverse management positions in the power, marine, environmental, engineering and the construction industry and now serves as a consultant to the engineering and construction industries. Mr. Miller was actively involved with the Construction Industry Institute (CII) and was a member the Academic Council of CII. Mr. Miller has been active in training programs throughout his career with a special interest in design/build and engineering and construction integration.

Experience Summary:

September 2009 to Present – 5RMK Inc. – Executive Program Manager

2003 – 2008 – Private Consultant to the Power and General Construction Industries

1992 – 2003 – Peter Kiewit and Sons –

  • Sr. Vice President Kiewit Power & Industrial

1974 – 1992 – Morrison-Knudsen Corporation –

  • President MK Ferguson of Oak Ridge
  • Sr. Vice President MK Environmental
  • Project Manager Power Group