Project Management


5RMK’s managers take a holistic approach to the management of our client’s project interests. We view successful project management as an interrelated process combining every aspect of planning, design, constructibility review, schedule and estimate optimization, logistics, resource assessment, finance and subcontract planning. This approach has been applied to and our experiences gained from some of the largest and most complex projects in the world. These experiences and expertise are available to the industry through 5RMK as consultants to our client programs. 5RMK can & will:

  • Review contractor’s safety program to assess if a safety culture is being driven into all levels of the organization
  • Determine if a comprehensive quality program exist – not only at the project level but as a corporate culture as well. Assuring that a “do it right the first slide1-a-3.jpgtime” culture exists is usually the single most cost effective program for any project.
  • Confirm accurate, timely and comprehensive project controls processes – Are the latest systems being employed; code of accounts sufficiently detailed to track & communicate cost, changes and productivity trends; assess diligence in field and office staffs’ commitment to accurate reporting?
  • Review labor management processes and policies – Are tools, information, direct craft supervisors and management available, qualified and committed to the workforce.  Is there compliance with labor agreements and jurisdictional agreements?
  • Validate Estimating & Project Planning processes – From initial planning to ROM through to the detailed controlled estimate product, 5RMK will evaluate:
    • Quality of planning – Construction methods, procedures, management organization, crew development, productivity basis, manpower leveling, equipment selection and project schedule (sequencing, durations, logic).
    • Quality of estimate – quantity takeoffs; level of design – quality of information to establish labor rates, equipment & material costs and productivity basis (historical records, industry trends, trade averages)
    • Prepare check estimates of subcontractor or vendor submitals – quality and coverage
    • Assist with contractor’s proposal processes as an estimating team or as independent reviewers of fixed price and/or target slide4-a-2.pngestimates
    • Lead or mediate Joint Venture or Consortium bid reviews to assure objectivity and fairness in price determinations
  • Subcontracts: Assess/Advise/Modify:
    • Subcontracting Plan -Does it fully address scope requirements – Gap analysis, points of demarcation between subcontracts, labor posture, procurements in sync with CPM schedule?
    • Procurement integrity – transparent, open, clearly communicated bid/proposal instructions and evaluation process, comprehensive bid/proposer pre-qualification process?Project Management
    • Subcontractor performance – management assessment, safety & quality program review, resource deployment to meet performance objectives, claims evaluations
  • Assess training and experience credentials of owner and/or contractor’s senior staff
  • Review of contingency planning and risk analysis processes
  • Provide senior level project management during start-up and/or recovery process if required

Project Turnarounds:
5RMK teams can perform comprehensive project forensics to identify problem areas which have or can result in poor project performance and discord between client and contractor. Areas of turnaround expertise include:

  • Organizational assessments – structure and staffing
  • Supply chain management assessment
  • Review of cost critical path planning and risk analysis
  • Safety program and safe work environment culture development
  • Contract administration practices
  • Labor Relations

Project Turnaround Examples:

  • Taipei Subway – $38MM projected loss reduced to $6MM
  • Vertac Chemical Incineration Project – $42MM loss reduced to $8MM

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