Patrick L. Pettiette

Chief Operating Officer

Mr. Pettiette is a senior executive with thirty-two years of experience in the design, construction, operations, management and development of infrastructure, energy, oil & gas and environmental cleanup projects in the United States, Europe, the Middle East and Far East. He has served a variety of private and government sector (US and International) clients in the aforementioned markets.

His career has involved a steady progression from project management to senior executive and board positions with both partner and client organizations.

Experience Summary:

March 2008 to Present – 5RMK inc.

  • Chief Operating Officer – Mr. Pettiette serves as one of the principals of this specialty consulting firm engaged in providing senior project management, planning, dispute resolution, media and public relations, merger and acquisition and joint venture formation services. The company’s market focus includes the oil & gas, mining, infrastructure and environmental services industries.

2000 – 2007 – Washington Group International, Inc.

  • President Washington Closure Hanford LLC (a limited liability company owned by Washington Group International, Bechtel National & CH2M Hill LLC)
  • Corporate Executive Vice President Operations

1979 – 2000 – Morrison Knudsen Corporation

  • Executive Vice President, International Infrastructure
  • Executive Vice President, Infrastructure Group
  • Vice President Operations, Environmental Group
  • Project Manager/Director – Mining and Environmental
  • Project Engineer – Mining and Oil & Gas Divisions

June 1975 to December 1978 – Brown & Root Corporation

  • Project Engineer – Prudhoe Bay, Alaska

Board Experience:

  • E-470 Highway Build, Operate and Transfer Project Board Chairman – Denver, Colorado
  • Hong Kong’s Chep Lap Kok Airport Civil Works Project Board Member
  • Oersund Crossing Project Board Member – Denmark
  • Prince Edward Island Bridge Board Chairman – Canada
  • United Nations Mission in Kosovo – Reconstruction Board Chairman
  • USAID Egyptian Water Program – Joint Venture Board Chairman

U.S. Government Project Experience (as project sponsor):

  • US Department of Energy
    • $2.3 Billion Hanford River Corridor Project – Richland, Washington – Project General Manager & LLC President
    • $1.5 Billion Yucca Mountain High Level Nuclear Waste Storage Test Facility – Nevada Test Site – Vice President Operations
    • $1.2 Billion Uranium Mill Tailings Remedial Action Project – 22 Sites in the Western US – Vice President Operations
  • US Army Corps Engineers – Marketing Lead and Vice President Operations
    • $270 Million Trans-Atlantic Program Management Center Peace Purchase Programs – Egypt Pacer Forge, Qatar US Air Force Pre-Deployment Base, Kuwait Al Jabar Air Base
    • Seattle District – Bunker Hill Environmental Remediation – $100 Million
    • Los Angeles District – $50 Million Pre-Placed Remedial Action Contract
    • Pacific Ocean Division – $60 Million Pre-Placed Remedial Action Contract
  • USAID – Executive Vice President Operations
    • Egypt – $400 Million Water/Waste Water Programs – Port Said, Ismailia, Luxor, Aswan
    • Egypt – $75 Million Telecommunications Network Program – Cairo, Alexandria, Port Said
    • Bosnia – $80 Million Infrastructure Restoration Program

International Project Experience (Executive Vice President International Infrastructure):

  • Far East
    • Hong Kong – $1.2 Billion Chep Lak Kok Airport Civil Works
    • Taiwan – $75 Million Taipei Subway Section
    • Taiwan – $1.4 Billion Ping Lin Tunnel
    • Russian Far East – Sahkalin Island Infrastructure Program – ExxonMobil
  • Europe
    • Denmark/Sweden – $1.3 Billion Oersund Crossing Sunken Tunnel Section
    • Kosovo – Lead Mining Complex Restoration under contract to United Nations
    • Bosnia – Infrastructure Reconstruction under USAID Program
  • Middle East
    • Saudi Arabia – Saudi Defense Forces Airbases in the Rub al Khali (Empty Quarter)
    • Egypt – USACE/Egyptian Air Force Bases, USAID Water & TeleCom
    • Qatar – US Air Force Pre-Deployment Base
    • Marketing – Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Qatar, Kuwait, Jordon, Israel