Bid and Proposal Support

Our experience has shown that the majority of successful proposals and bids are the result of the development and communication of well conceived work plan supported by an integrated 5RMK estimators have all managed projects themselves and take a practical approach from a project management perspective in work planning and estimating.

5RMK proposal/bid services (whether for complex mega project proposals or more conceptual ROM type proposals) cover either the preparation, support or review of the plan of execution and the cost/pricing documents.

Work Planning:

  • A successful project actually begins at this phase in the project. We understand the value of early planning where the project is actually “built on paper” and priced accordingly. Optimal crew structure, equipment selection, material logistics, regulatory requirements and subcontract planning to address the project’s scope receive a ground up evaluation. This process is followed either as a plan developer or reviewer.
  • We begin with a comprehensive review of RFP to first address client completion priorities then funding constraints, critical equipment and material delivery constraints and labor availability.
  • From this review, follows the estimate preparation as an iterative development process with the work plan from which the successful bid or proposal can ultimately be executed.

Estimate/Cost Volume –

  • Preparation of an estimate is an iterative process in concert with the work plan. Our fundamental approach is to develop (or guide) the most competitive pricing approach linked to an optimally sequenced schedule.
  • The estimate, depending on level of data available, seeks to break the work into the most discreet and detailed level to support a comprehensive review and ultimately form the basis of the eventual control estimate and chart of accounts. 5RMK processes do not subscribe to unit price extension or other “cook book” estimating philosophies which are difficult to support with reviewers or under Cost Accounting Standard requirements.
  • 5RMK’s pricing philosophy anticipates that the competitive price is based on the most efficient approach, not necessarily the lowest margin. The value of a well planned approach does not necessarily need to be discounted.

Manager’s Proposal Support/Review Recent Successes:

Iraq Reconstruction Program

  • US Army Corps Engineers and USAID – $4 BB

Virginia’s I-895

  • Design/build highway and bridge project over the James River – $385 MM

Egyptian Air Force Pacer Forge Base Support

  • US Army Corps Engineers – $150 MM

United Nations Mission In Kosovo

  • TREPCA Led/Zinc Mining Milling Complex Restoration

US Department of Energy

  • Hanford River Corridor Cleanup Project – $2 BB